LINDEN SHIPPING INTERNATIONAL (L.S.I.) is a Marine Chartering and Towage Company based in Dubai, U.A.E, founded in July 1994. L.S.I. is a young, dynamic company started with just 1 barge, and is now one of the largest U.A.E. flag vessel owners. L.S.I. currently owns 40 vessels, 10 cranes, as well as managing a number of vessels for their owners, and employs around 200 full time staff.

 L.S.I. has a 13,108 m2 yard with 108 mtr jetty space in Hamriyah Free Zone / Sharjah. All equipment returns to L.S.I. yard on completion of charters, where L.S.I. Technical staff are engaged solely for their maintenance, repair and refurbishment.

L.S.I. has workshops which include machining and fabrication facilities. L.S.I. employs a wide variety of tradesmen enabling us to offer quick turnaround times on our vessels. Included are mechanical and civil engineers, welders, fabricators, mechanics, electricians, plumbers and carpenters.

Facilities available at L.S.I. yard include fuel storage, fresh water line, crane loading facility, cranage, used oil storage and separation, etc;


Key Personnel

Managing Director  : Mr. Dick Van Der Linden Sr.
General Manager : Mr. Dick Van Der Linden Jr.
Operation Manager : Mr. Michel Van Der Linden
Technical Manager : Mr. Wim Boshoven
Finance Manger : Mr. Abdul Sameer
Human Resource : Mr. Dency Varghese
IT Administrator : Mr. Tanooj Raj


Tugs and Workboats

L.S.I. has a wide variety of tugs and workboats, from small runabouts to large ocean going tugs.

L.S.I.'s specialized vessels such as multicats and workboats are mainly utilized for on-site operations such as personnel transport and delivery of consumables, spare parts, etc. around site. L.S.I. has a number of vessels suited to shallow water areas. 



L.S.I. has a variety of barges suited to specific customer needs - from straight forward flat-top barges to self-propelled spud barges to offshore work platforms with 8 point mooring, accommodation, workshop and communications. The company has sidewall, stanchions, ramps, winches, spuds and accommodation / workshop / office modules available to fit most barges. Barges are available in a wide variety of lengths, widths and deadweights.



Since entering the crawler crane market in 1999, L.S.I. has grown quickly to make it one of the largest single owner crawler crane operators in the Gulf.

The cranes work either onshore on client's construction sites within the U.A.E. and abroad, or loaded onto L.S.I. barges for offshore works.

Offshore works take a variety of forms; quay block placing, grab dredging, piling, etc.

L.S.I. also has a selection of rock grabs, clamshells, dragline buckets, chisels and taglines which can be fitted to the cranes depending on the specific type of operation required. 



Depending on the nature of work, all barges can be fitted with 4 - 6 - 8 mooring systems / sidewalls / stanchions / ramps / spuds / crane tracks / concreted decks / accommodation units / office, mess room, kitchen or bathroom modules / etc. which can be installed or fabricated, as required, at L.S.I. yard.

L.S.I. owns a wide variety of winches (100+) ranging from 1 ton to 200 ton. To complement this, the company also owns 100+ anchors ranging from 50 kg to 10 ton. 


We are proud to have served and serve the following industries:


Diving and Salvage

L.S.I. works with various diving and salvage companies in the Gulf on projects such as laying fish farms, installing SBM's, inspection of subsea pipelines and cables, salvage of sunken craft and marine vessels, and installation of artificial reefs.  


Hydrographic / Survey work

Work with survey companies has included ; dredging in and out surveys, hydrographic surveys of coastal areas for local and international agencies; installation of measuring equipment in surf and tidal areas; soil investigations and positioning services. 


Oilfield and Gas Industry

LSI has steadily increased it's work in this area, working with a range of top class multi-national players. Jobs undertaken range from straight forward supply of equipment to rigs, to complex installation of heavy lift components Off-shore, and loading/offloading facilities On-shore. 


Sub sea Cable and Pipelines

L.S.I. regularly provides it's equipment, personnel and expertise for pipe and cable laying and installation projects in the region. LSI works in Oil and Gas fields, to the highest standards, for both pipe and cable laying and pulling including pre and post trenching. LSI has also been involved in numerous seawater inlets and outfalls both installation and maintenance. 


Port Authorities and Dockyards

LSI has worked and works on a regular basis for Port Authorities directly, or through a main contractor. Services provided include entire Port expansion projects; but also pollution control and clean up; bunker storage facilities and access platforms for repairs to berthed vessels; laying of channel marker buoys; berthing, pilotage and docking services. 

Marine Civil Engineering

This is LSI's traditional specialty, and LSI is the partner of choice for companies carrying out multi discipline projects. LSI has partnered and supplied equipment and personnel to most of the top contractors. LSI has been continually engaged in large, multi year construction projects since it's founding. Everything from a single berth or jetty; to the refurbishment of kilometers of quayside, to the building of Islands, bridges, tunnels or naval bases has been done. 

Civil Engineering / Pilling

Since the acquisition of a number of crawler cranes, LSI has had the ability to participate with and supply to On-shore projects. Our fleet of cranes continues to expand and LSI has an ever increasing number of satisfied customers in this field. LSI has been blessed to work with the best, on some of the most prestigious projects in the Middle East. We have done a variety of works ranging from excavation, dynamic compaction, pilling and heavy lifts. 


Dredging and Reclamation

We have been fortunate enough to work with each of the top ten dredging contractors in the world. L.S.I. has within it's fleet specialized vessels such as mini-dredgers, hopper barges, multicats, and workboats which enables L.S.I. to provide it's services for dredging, reclamation and backfilling works. From straightforward supply of equipment and services through to technical assistance and advice. LSI staff has always included people with dredging backgrounds. 


General Towage and Transport

L.S.I. also does a large number of towages each year around the Gulf, Gulf of Oman, Indian Ocean and in the Red Sea, generally of barges loaded with heavy, voluminous equipment in conjunction with heavy lift providers.